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The Associação Britânica de Educação ("ABE") is a non-profit, legally constituted entity, which is governed by its By-Laws, its Internal Regulation and by Brazilian law, and its duration is for an indefinite period. It uses as its operating name: "The British School, Rio de Janeiro".

The ABE Members are the individuals who:

  • have a child enrolled and attending The British School, who are up to date with their tuition fee payments; and/or
  • past parents of a child who attended The British School; and/or
  • past pupils who are at least twenty-five (25) years old, remained at least five (5) full academic years and reached the age of sixteen (16) years old in the calendar year they left the School.

Note: The requirements for past pupils to have completed 5 full years in the School and reached a certain age at the time of leaving do not apply to past pupils who left the School before 1990.

In all cases, ABE Members must be the nationals and/or passport holders of one of the member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Apply to become an ABE member and support our school in developing a community environment based on compassion, integrity and determination.

To apply to become an ABE Member please Sign Up here.